16 Ekim 2018 Salı

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                The town is connected to the district Acıgöl province of Nevsehir, Nevsehir, 20km, 10km Acigol. The majority of the public revenue is agriculture and animal husbandry. Potato farming is a product of the regions major revenue-generating. This is for non-agricultural products are produced in the more personal needs. All terms of strength and flavor of the potatoes produced in the region in Turkey has become a preferred product. Engaged in animal husbandry have recently started to enter a new source of livelihood. Peoples living standards and raising the level of the Municipality of education to provide a more comfortable and happy to live and to mobilize all the facilities, services, producing a continuous and permanent.
                In the first ages "Cappadocia" district in the center of the region known as the III-IV. most depressed during the centuries between the Christian world has been an important settlement area. The Hittites, the Persians and Alexander the Great Empire Firiglerin been dominated by the Roman administration was found, it remained within the borders of the Byzantine Empire divided to two parts. Temporarily during the campaigns of the Islamic armies invaded these lands in Istanbul, the Turkish raids, the influence of 1015 remained in Anatolia from the beginning, then certainly the land of Turks has been the victory of Manzikert in 1071. Previously, the land is dominated by Danisments, was captured by the Anatolian Seljuk Empire from 1175. The states 1308 'after the fall of the Ilkhanate, Eretna sons, the sons of Kadi Burhanettin and the administration have Karaman, 1515 by Sultan Selim I participated in Ottoman lands.

                 Approximately forty thousand acres of land are planted in soil with no time to rest our people due to lack of land uses. Irrigated potato production at close to 15 thousand dekarına existing holdings, while the other part of the various products (wheat, rye, peas, zucchini, etc.). Planted needles. Usually the only requirement for other products for profit potatoes (for cooking) is produced. Due to the low income level of the population is completely mechanized agriculture. Sufficient amount of land and the people, especially the lack of sufficient incentives and informed arthritis due to excess soil, and soil pH balance has been corrupted.

                Town of thousand, three thousand sheep cattle soon, there are. Animal husbandry in recent years as the head started to make a large profit. Fed to cattle in each household an average of two. Family head by a small number of small livestock is done for profit. Grazing is much enough place, lots of animal husbandry to be normal, with adequate incentives and awareness as a result of farming and ranch or a part of our people-oriented, revenue benefits from the livestock.
                 land in town is surrounded by mountains and hills, although there are, unfortunately, have little or no afforestation and green. However, as soil texture and land availability for afforestation, especially the mountain south of the mountain and the town is good for the Protect. In addition to reforestation efforts in various areas of our municipality and plantation all efforts were made with the towns entrance.
                 irrigated lands in the town with opportunities for farmers to plant their own watered by drilling wells. Aqueous agricultural generally used for the production of potato.

                 October, planting, harvesting, threshing and transportation. mostly done by agricultural activities such as agricultural tools and machines. developments in modern agriculture is to make.

                 Potatoes, wholesalers and sold to consumers, are used in cooking. Potatoes grown in the winter for consumption in particular is preferred because it is durable. Stored potatoes are sold to consumers until the end of April. The majority of grain farmers, wholesalers and then sold their needs are met, bread, pasta, used as feed and seed.

A primary school, with primary schools in the town of bird in the schools at primary level is about seven hundred students are undergoing training on the other hand at the moment of Interest for secondary school students studying on the face. In higher education students attend fifteen. Seventy percent of the existing youth graduated from high school.
In our town of deficiencies in basic education level of education though it seems there is a normal number of students going for higher education and the town does not matter azdır.Hem parents on teaching and training the necessary determination that the teachers wanted to work short-term effect of this negativity. Also under the age of sixty-five of the ninety percent of the population is literate.